Let it Rain - How Rain Jewelry Collection Strives to Make a Difference

Rain In Mahammadapuram

As we roll through the 21st century, water scarcity continues to threaten large communities of people in the developing world. Mahammadapuram, a small village in the State of Telegana India, has found itself in the middle of this narrative. With water already stretched thin for use in agriculture, this community has historically struggled to balance their water needs while living in a drought prone region. When Rain chose to partner with Queen Esther’s Closet to help provide these people with improved water security, it was effort well needed as water is foundation to these villager’s survival and ability to thrive. Through our partnership and the incredible work of Queen Esther’s Closet, the village engaged a new water pump on April 9th, 2016.

It Takes A Village

As Sammakka fills a huge pot full of water and deftly swoops it to the top of her petite frame, she recounts how she has needed to rely on a government tap that is unreliable on its best days. The regular water she will now get from the pump will represent a huge improvement in the lives of her children and large extended family. Sammakka thanks those who donated such a gift “for their love” and carefully balancing the pot of water on her head walks away from the well shepherding her children in front of her. In vibrant saris all the women of the village balance large ceramic pots over their shoulders and take turns pulling clear water from the earth below their land, an act that promises good things to come in this close-knit village of 2000. The plaque on the base of the well seems to echo this feeling; against a sky-blue foundation, the pump declares, “Let it Rain!”.

Rain or Shine, A Charitable Partnership

Queen Esther’s Closet is not your run-of-the-mill consignment shop. Run out of an almost 4,000 square foot upscale boutique thrift store located in beautiful Broomfield, Colorado, their mission is to dedicate all net proceeds to help fund water wells in impoverished countries; it is a mission that is close to our hearts. Rain Jewelry Collection is honored to be in the position as a wholesale jewelry supplier to help provide fresh water to those in need. We continue to partner with Queen Ester's Closet and seek other opportunities where our jewelry can make a difference.

Clean Water Project in IndiaA New Water Pump in Mahammadapuram”


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