Top Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends for 2016


On trend and statement jewelry is an easy way to get something that’s a small investment, but can have a big impact for fall and winter.

The beginning of fall and into the winter marks a couple different seasonal reasons to bring a customer into your store(s). If they are like me, they will want to freshen up their wardrobe. It must be about getting back-to-school clothing as a kid that carries through to adulthood - the excitement of a new start. That being said, the holidays are just around the corner so if there is an item that makes a great gift or can be worn for a Christmas party that’s icing on the cake!

I can’t go out and buy a whole new wardrobe every season, but getting a few pieces of seasonal jewelry is something I can manage. On trend statement jewelry is an easy way to get something that’s a small investment but can have a big impact.

Here are the four Fall/Winter trends that will surely be an easy way to update anyone’s wardrobe this season.

Pearls are back!

To be honest they never really left, but pearl jewelry is big this season.

Pearl jewelry has always been a timeless staple for a preppy and classic wardrobe, but pearls are once again mainstream and were all over the runway at this year’s fashion week. Designers such as Chanel and Marni featured a long and layered chunky pearl jewelry statement pieces while Coach featured more delicate pearl jewelry.

Textured and mixed metals

Rose gold, platinum, and gunmetal jewelry create a great juxtaposition to the tried and true staples of gold and silver jewelry. Wearing mixed metal jewelry makes pairing with other pieces a breeze. I love wearing a mixed metal jewelry piece and pairing it with other coordinating metal jewelry. Some great examples of these statement jewelry pieces are the understated gold and silver crystal bracelet, the eye catching multi-layered mixed metal necklace, and the bold silver and copper bar bracelet.

Black Jewelry

There is nothing more chic than black; just ask Miss Coco Chanel. Black jewels are elegant, classic, and did I say chic? Black earrings with victorian and subtle gothic motifs are big this season and pair well with both a neutral and bold palettes. Black is bold, black is easy, and you can’t go wrong!

Textured metals

Textures like patina, hammering, and sandblasting are all great, unique, on trend and beautiful finishes to metals. These textured metals bring in an eclectic and laid-back approach to any look. Textured metals in jewelry are great for a shabby chic look that is still sophisticated, but never fussy.

Whichever trends you highlight this season remember to have fun with them! Fashion is fun and jewelry is an easy and exciting way to update your look.

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