Top 10 Reasons Rain Jewelry Collection Isn’t Just Another Wholesale Jewelry Website:

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If you have been in the retail jewelry business for many years or if you’re just starting out, it’s no secret that Rain isn’t the only place to purchase your wholesale jewelry. Our goal at Rain Jewelry Collection is to be the most reliable, profitable jewelry vendor you buy from! Here’s our list of the Top Ten Reasons why we stand out aren’t like from the rest:

  1. Variety: There is something in our wholesale jewelry line for everyone! Our broad selection of styles offer something for junior, misses and more.! We are the one stop for all of your wholesale jewelry buying needs. Some of our styles may be available from other wholesale vendors but our collection is loaded with best sellers all under one umbrella! We add new product to the mix three times a year in Winter, Spring and Fall.
  2. Retailer Exclusive: We sell our jewelry exclusively to established retail businesses. You can rest assured that we do not undercut retailers by selling online direct to consumers. We will always be your supplier, never your competition!
  3. Customer Service: We have built our reputation as a leading wholesale jewelry supplier through our exceptional customer service. We have friendly, dedicated customer service staff ready and willing to assist you Monday-Thursday 10 AM – 6 PM and Friday 8 AM-4 PM EST.
  4. Order Completion: We proudly maintain a 98% fill rate. All items in our catalogs, online and at shows are in stock and ready to ship. Our website is upfront & honest when an item is out of stock. We know how long it can take to write an order and we understand how important it is to ship each order complete.
  5. Catalog: We produce a quality, full color hard copy catalog three times a year.
  6. Accessibility: You can browse and buy our collection online at, at your store with any of our extensive network of 50+ local sales representatives that will come and show our collection in your store. We are represented at all major US apparel, gift and souvenir trade shows across the country.
  7. Prices: Our wholesale jewelry prices are consistently lower than industry averages. In a recent comparison of similar products, our prices were up to 25% less than other wholesale jewelry companies.
  8. Product: We are dedicated to providing quality, affordable jewelry. We stand behind our products with an flexible 90 day return policy. You can pick! Replacement or credit.
  9. Margin: Feedback from our customers shows that our collection produces the highest net profit margins versus all their other jewelry lines. We recommend either a price averaging system or price by item with a minimum mark up of 2.5x.
  10. Fast Turn-a-round: We are always working to improve our efficiency and ship your orders as quickly as possible. We are proud to maintain a 1 -2 business day during regular volume time periods and 3-5 business days during peak (holidays, trade show season, promotional times)
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