How to Extend the Life of Your Fashion Jewelry:


We all love fashion jewelry but we all know that sometimes, it doesn’t last as long as fine jewelry. Our team of wholesale jewelry experts can offer a few tips to stop your fashion jewelry from tarnishing, breaking and dulling so you can enjoy your fashion jewelry for many years to come.

Use the “Last on, First off” rule. Think of your jewelry as the icing on the cake, it’s the finishing layer of your outfit. Get in the habit of putting your jewelry on last as you’re on the way out the door. As you are winding down for the day, make sure you remove your Rain Jewelry first and store it away safely. Making this a habit prevents unwanted snags on your clothes and protects your Rain Jewelry from cosmetics. Hair, makeup and perfume products contain ingredients like alcohol which will corrode finish coatings and cause discoloration.

How you store your jewelry is important. It’s tempting to hang your necklaces from pegs or display your earring collection but it’s important to realize air and UV rays can break down finishes, tarnish the appearance of metal, weaken elastic and dull bright colors over time. Store your fashion jewelry in a dry, dark place individually in plastic bags or with moisture absorbing pads. Never store your jewelry in a bathroom or area which is exposed to prolonged moisture.

When not to wear fashion jewelry: Keeping your fashion jewelry dry is very important. Never wear your Rain Jewelry when swimming, bathing or cleaning. Put your jewelry away in a locker at the gym, over time excessive sweat can break down finishes and change metal color. As a rule of thumb, don’t wear your fashion jewelry anywhere or while doing any activity that you wouldn’t also wear your favorite shoes or a designer handbag.

Most importantly, enjoy your fashion jewelry and have fun wearing it! It’s so affordable, you can always buy more J

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