A Company Driven by Wholesale Jewelry Industry Experience

Scot Miller and the A-Train,Inc. Team, New York International Fashion and Boutique Show, 1986 Scot Miller and the A-Train,Inc. Team, New York International Fashion and Boutique Show, 1986

The history of RAIN Jewelry Collection draws on years of industry experience. In 1979, Scot Miller partnered with his brother Glen to form the rep group A-Train Inc. For the next 25 years, Scot and A-Train Inc. continued as a leading sales representative of west coast novelty, jewelry, handcrafts, and gifts. As a result of years of experience, taking note of what buyers want from their vendors, combined with his extensive sales skills on the road and at wholesale jewelry trade shows ; Scot launched his first wholesale jewelry company, Native Sun Silver in 1990. Seeing a growing trend in the wholesale fashion jewelry industry, Scot launched Rain Jewelry Collection in 2001 appropriately named after his wife Lorraine.

It takes a much trained eye to assemble such a strong selling collection of fashion jewelry. This job is tasked to Scot and buyer Jemma Cook. Jemma has her own extensive experience working in the wholesale jewelry industry for the last 30 years. Together, they comb the market on a regular basis for trendy, saleable fashion jewelry that meets the Rain Jewelry Collection standard of design & quality. The Rain Jewelry Collection consists of three major releases a year of new wholesale jewelry designs. This keeps the line fresh on the shelves of the repeat buyers and the customers who shop their retail stores.

The excellent customer service provided at Rain Jewelry Collection is coordinated by Carrie McMaster, who has many years of experience managing corporate retail. Rain’s team of dedicated employees are all trained to answer customer inquiries, and carry out the day to day functions that are required in a detail oriented wholesale jewelry company. Carrie’s clear understanding of the retail industry enables her to address the specific needs of the Rain Jewelry Collection customer.

The history of experience behind the Rain brand and exceptional customer service drives our vision as a leading wholesale fashion jewelry distributor. It is the Rain Jewelry Collection mission to share their business experience with their wholesale customers to create a partnership for success in retail.

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