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Rain Jewelry Collection Blog

Fashion Jewelry and more!

  • Behind the Scenes: Fall 2017 Collection Photo Shoot

    It's finally chilly here in New England and we're excited to get out our Fall wardrobes. As we prepare for the cold weather, we are reminded of our recent photo shoot for the Fall 2017 Collection.

    This is our first ever photo shoot in the greater Boston area (our home town!) and we are excited to share a behind the scenes look at how we created the amazing photos you'll see online and print during this Fall and beyond!

    Check out these great behind the scenes shots:


    Here's the final results! Our Fall 2017 Collection is shown below:


  • New Colorways for Best Selling Jewelry Styles :

    Have you ever found the perfect pair of jeans that fit like a glove? A favorite pair of shoes that never hurt? The natural response to finding something that works for you is to buy it in every color. With the year almost half way over, we are excited to release our newest color ways of many best-selling Rain Jewelry Collection items!

    Whether you loved the original or not, try these updated wholesale jewelry styles for a sure fire sell through!


    Our popular gold and silver thin sparkle wire open row cuff bracelets (B1006G & B1006S) now available in Rose Gold. (B1006R)

    Love a hand made look? Our two tone wire wrapped detail hinge bracelet (B1043TT) has been increasingly popular since it's release in January 2017. Now available in copper & patina (B1043P)

    TREND ALERT! Cross jewelry is hot again! Bring this look back with our antique oxidized silver big cross swirl bead stretch bracelet (B1048S) or it's newest colorway, patina finish (B1048P)

    Our flexible crystal jewelry took off at full steam last year and hasn't stopped since. We have expanded three styles of these lightweight bracelets, dress them up or down, perfect for any season. Check out our wholesale flexible crystal collection which also includes matching necklace sets, bracelets and rings. Show below in order(Row 1:B747 Row 2:B746 Row 3:B971 Row 4:R267 Row 5:R257)



    Wear it alone or stack them up! This round bead stretch bracelet is available in two tone (B826TT), turquoise (B826TQ) and most recently, natural multicolored semi-precious stones(B826M).

    Pick your finish with this favorite! Our mini chevron bracelet is a fun, trendy style popular with all ages. Available in copper, gold and silver mixed metal(B815M), silver and patina mix(B815P) or classic silver(B815S).

    We love Druzy! These fun, faux stone hook cuff bracelets are the perfect match to our pendant style necklace set with post earrings. Six colors make it an easy match with almost any outfit! Don't miss stocking up on this druzy bracelet (B1132) and necklace (N987) set for fall!

    Necklace Sets:

    We could easily consider NS5459BK to be our best selling necklace. The perfect black special occasion statement necklace meets it's match! N1048BK is an updated version just in time for the holidays! Can't tell the difference? Well neither can we, but an update is an update.

    We've seen this popular statement necklace (N807S) in TV commercials, newscasters and print ads - The perfect basic is now in Patina finish(N807P)!

    Subtle colors for spring(N900G) and something bold for fall! Check out the newest colorway in black for our fringed double layer necklace set(N900BK).


    Our Patina Cutout Leaf Gold Edge Earring is now available classic in two tone (E689TT) or something more modern in Rose Gold.(E689R)

    We took the button earring to the next level with our antique gold and silver hammered layered disc earring (E1438TT) which has topped our earring best seller list for months! Now available in patina (E1438P)

    By now you can see the trend! Popular meets patina! We took our shiny hammered concentric best sellers in multi metal (Row 1: E980 Row 2: E981) and silver from basics to fall with a three tone patina finish.

    Don't miss these styles plus more fabulous Rain. Shop our 2017 Fall Collection now!

  • TRENDING NOW: Anklets & Hoops

    This summer is shaping up to be a wild one for trends; fidget spinners, unicorn everything, goat yoga, and reinventing the 90s. Just like the comeback of chokers, your favorite 90s anklets and hoops are popular again!

    Summer is finally underway and as temperatures rise we are seeing flirty summer dresses and open toes. What better way to enhance those freshly tanned legs than with a daintily charmed seaside anklet.

    Anklets are a great way to accessorize a simple maxi dress or dress up casual summer footwear such as flip flops, espadrilles or trendy cage sandals.

    Beachy themed charms and simple dainty chains are big this season. Don’t forget one for you and one for your bestie! Anklets make the perfect take home gift from the beach.

    Speaking of trends that stick around, we saw hoop earrings all over the resort wear runways. Fendi reinvented bright colored hoops, Marc Jacobs models donned oversized double hoops, and the ever-classic Michael Kors girls hit the catwalk with large thick metallic hoops.


    An affordable option; Inspired by Marc Jacobs.

    Hoops of all textures, sporting a chunky charm or an unexpected twist – This season anything goes when it comes to hoops! Small and chunky or large and thin can all add a finishing touch to your summer look. Bonus; Basic hoops make the easy transition to all your favorite fall styles. Whether you choose anklets or stick to the everlasting hoops, stay cool because these summer trends are hot, hot, hot!

  • How to Extend the Life of Your Fashion Jewelry:


    We all love fashion jewelry but we all know that sometimes, it doesn’t last as long as fine jewelry. Our team of wholesale jewelry experts can offer a few tips to stop your fashion jewelry from tarnishing, breaking and dulling so you can enjoy your fashion jewelry for many years to come.

    Use the “Last on, First off” rule. Think of your jewelry as the icing on the cake, it’s the finishing layer of your outfit. Get in the habit of putting your jewelry on last as you’re on the way out the door. As you are winding down for the day, make sure you remove your Rain Jewelry first and store it away safely. Making this a habit prevents unwanted snags on your clothes and protects your Rain Jewelry from cosmetics. Hair, makeup and perfume products contain ingredients like alcohol which will corrode finish coatings and cause discoloration.

    How you store your jewelry is important. It’s tempting to hang your necklaces from pegs or display your earring collection but it’s important to realize air and UV rays can break down finishes, tarnish the appearance of metal, weaken elastic and dull bright colors over time. Store your fashion jewelry in a dry, dark place individually in plastic bags or with moisture absorbing pads. Never store your jewelry in a bathroom or area which is exposed to prolonged moisture.

    When not to wear fashion jewelry: Keeping your fashion jewelry dry is very important. Never wear your Rain Jewelry when swimming, bathing or cleaning. Put your jewelry away in a locker at the gym, over time excessive sweat can break down finishes and change metal color. As a rule of thumb, don’t wear your fashion jewelry anywhere or while doing any activity that you wouldn’t also wear your favorite shoes or a designer handbag.

    Most importantly, enjoy your fashion jewelry and have fun wearing it! It’s so affordable, you can always buy more J

  • Top 10 Reasons Rain Jewelry Collection Isn’t Just Another Wholesale Jewelry Website:

    Web_Blog_Top Ten Reasons PostWeb_Blog_Top Ten Reasons Post_2

    If you have been in the retail jewelry business for many years or if you’re just starting out, it’s no secret that Rain isn’t the only place to purchase your wholesale jewelry. Our goal at Rain Jewelry Collection is to be the most reliable, profitable jewelry vendor you buy from! Here’s our list of the Top Ten Reasons why we stand out aren’t like from the rest:

    1. Variety: There is something in our wholesale jewelry line for everyone! Our broad selection of styles offer something for junior, misses and more.! We are the one stop for all of your wholesale jewelry buying needs. Some of our styles may be available from other wholesale vendors but our collection is loaded with best sellers all under one umbrella! We add new product to the mix three times a year in Winter, Spring and Fall.
    2. Retailer Exclusive: We sell our jewelry exclusively to established retail businesses. You can rest assured that we do not undercut retailers by selling online direct to consumers. We will always be your supplier, never your competition!
    3. Customer Service: We have built our reputation as a leading wholesale jewelry supplier through our exceptional customer service. We have friendly, dedicated customer service staff ready and willing to assist you Monday-Thursday 10 AM – 6 PM and Friday 8 AM-4 PM EST.
    4. Order Completion: We proudly maintain a 98% fill rate. All items in our catalogs, online and at shows are in stock and ready to ship. Our website is upfront & honest when an item is out of stock. We know how long it can take to write an order and we understand how important it is to ship each order complete.
    5. Catalog: We produce a quality, full color hard copy catalog three times a year.
    6. Accessibility: You can browse and buy our collection online at www.rainjewelrycollection.com, at your store with any of our extensive network of 50+ local sales representatives that will come and show our collection in your store. We are represented at all major US apparel, gift and souvenir trade shows across the country.
    7. Prices: Our wholesale jewelry prices are consistently lower than industry averages. In a recent comparison of similar products, our prices were up to 25% less than other wholesale jewelry companies.
    8. Product: We are dedicated to providing quality, affordable jewelry. We stand behind our products with an flexible 90 day return policy. You can pick! Replacement or credit.
    9. Margin: Feedback from our customers shows that our collection produces the highest net profit margins versus all their other jewelry lines. We recommend either a price averaging system or price by item with a minimum mark up of 2.5x.
    10. Fast Turn-a-round: We are always working to improve our efficiency and ship your orders as quickly as possible. We are proud to maintain a 1 -2 business day during regular volume time periods and 3-5 business days during peak (holidays, trade show season, promotional times)
  • A Little Retail Therapy

    Blog Image Template Option 4


    I don’t know about you, but once the weather gets chilly, I immediately start to think about the holidays. The month of October always flies by and then, sure enough, it’s Thanksgiving. Then, of course, what is next but some serious gift-giving holidays. Personally, when I find myself shopping for gifts, I tend to end up using the time for some (usually well-deserved!) retail therapy!

    Oniochalasia - this is the actual term for retail therapy (yes, there is a word). I feel validated knowing that this is an actual thing and not just a mythical act that generations of savvy shoppers have dreamed up. Knowing this makes it feel more...okay, right? But, seriously, what better time to have some “therapy sessions” than around the holidays. And what better way to get those holiday party outfits to be just right than to accessorize them with some fantastic accessories!

    I love the new Rain Jewelry Collection Holiday Style guide because it contains some really great pieces. Black dresses are my go-to for parties and I always enjoy a piece of jewelry that stands out nicely against or next to black. I love the SILVER DRUZY TEARDROP EARRING for times when I don’t want to wear a statement necklace. This earring stands out with just the right amount of sparkle. The way these earrings dangle with every move - therapy right there, my friends. Another great holiday piece that will surely win over any shopper in search of a fix is the MULTICOLORED BLACK WIRE NECKLACE SET - earrings and a necklace! I love this as it’s festive for the holidays, but can be worn with many different colors all year round.

    Another reason why I love a little bit of retail therapy thrown into my holiday shopping is that it gives me a chance to visualize how I can wear different pieces with the same outfit. As a creative person, I love to express myself through what I wear; jewelry is a great way to maximize my wardrobe because I can change my outfits with a simple (or not so simple) piece! I could even wear the same dress to every holiday party I go to (if I so dared!) and just switch out my tear drop earring for the GOLD SQUARE LONG FRINGE EARRING .

    The bottom line here is that a little retail therapy during the busy holiday shopping season is never a bad idea. Just make sure you don’t forget to get everyone on your list their special something(s). I know, for the important ladies in my life, I will be doing most of my shopping at Rain Jewelry Collection. Just like Aunt Joanne says, “fit and finish!”

  • Top Fall and Winter Jewelry Trends for 2016


    On trend and statement jewelry is an easy way to get something that’s a small investment, but can have a big impact for fall and winter.

    The beginning of fall and into the winter marks a couple different seasonal reasons to bring a customer into your store(s). If they are like me, they will want to freshen up their wardrobe. It must be about getting back-to-school clothing as a kid that carries through to adulthood - the excitement of a new start. That being said, the holidays are just around the corner so if there is an item that makes a great gift or can be worn for a Christmas party that’s icing on the cake!

    I can’t go out and buy a whole new wardrobe every season, but getting a few pieces of seasonal jewelry is something I can manage. On trend statement jewelry is an easy way to get something that’s a small investment but can have a big impact.

    Here are the four Fall/Winter trends that will surely be an easy way to update anyone’s wardrobe this season.

    Pearls are back!

    To be honest they never really left, but pearl jewelry is big this season.

    Pearl jewelry has always been a timeless staple for a preppy and classic wardrobe, but pearls are once again mainstream and were all over the runway at this year’s fashion week. Designers such as Chanel and Marni featured a long and layered chunky pearl jewelry statement pieces while Coach featured more delicate pearl jewelry.

    Textured and mixed metals

    Rose gold, platinum, and gunmetal jewelry create a great juxtaposition to the tried and true staples of gold and silver jewelry. Wearing mixed metal jewelry makes pairing with other pieces a breeze. I love wearing a mixed metal jewelry piece and pairing it with other coordinating metal jewelry. Some great examples of these statement jewelry pieces are the understated gold and silver crystal bracelet, the eye catching multi-layered mixed metal necklace, and the bold silver and copper bar bracelet.

    Black Jewelry

    There is nothing more chic than black; just ask Miss Coco Chanel. Black jewels are elegant, classic, and did I say chic? Black earrings with victorian and subtle gothic motifs are big this season and pair well with both a neutral and bold palettes. Black is bold, black is easy, and you can’t go wrong!

    Textured metals

    Textures like patina, hammering, and sandblasting are all great, unique, on trend and beautiful finishes to metals. These textured metals bring in an eclectic and laid-back approach to any look. Textured metals in jewelry are great for a shabby chic look that is still sophisticated, but never fussy.

    Whichever trends you highlight this season remember to have fun with them! Fashion is fun and jewelry is an easy and exciting way to update your look.

  • A Company Driven by Wholesale Jewelry Industry Experience

    Scot Miller and the A-Train,Inc. Team, New York International Fashion and Boutique Show, 1986 Scot Miller and the A-Train,Inc. Team, New York International Fashion and Boutique Show, 1986

    The history of RAIN Jewelry Collection draws on years of industry experience. In 1979, Scot Miller partnered with his brother Glen to form the rep group A-Train Inc. For the next 25 years, Scot and A-Train Inc. continued as a leading sales representative of west coast novelty, jewelry, handcrafts, and gifts. As a result of years of experience, taking note of what buyers want from their vendors, combined with his extensive sales skills on the road and at wholesale jewelry trade shows ; Scot launched his first wholesale jewelry company, Native Sun Silver in 1990. Seeing a growing trend in the wholesale fashion jewelry industry, Scot launched Rain Jewelry Collection in 2001 appropriately named after his wife Lorraine.

    It takes a much trained eye to assemble such a strong selling collection of fashion jewelry. This job is tasked to Scot and buyer Jemma Cook. Jemma has her own extensive experience working in the wholesale jewelry industry for the last 30 years. Together, they comb the market on a regular basis for trendy, saleable fashion jewelry that meets the Rain Jewelry Collection standard of design & quality. The Rain Jewelry Collection consists of three major releases a year of new wholesale jewelry designs. This keeps the line fresh on the shelves of the repeat buyers and the customers who shop their retail stores.

    The excellent customer service provided at Rain Jewelry Collection is coordinated by Carrie McMaster, who has many years of experience managing corporate retail. Rain’s team of dedicated employees are all trained to answer customer inquiries, and carry out the day to day functions that are required in a detail oriented wholesale jewelry company. Carrie’s clear understanding of the retail industry enables her to address the specific needs of the Rain Jewelry Collection customer.

    The history of experience behind the Rain brand and exceptional customer service drives our vision as a leading wholesale fashion jewelry distributor. It is the Rain Jewelry Collection mission to share their business experience with their wholesale customers to create a partnership for success in retail.

  • How to Set Retail Pricing For Jewelry

    Blog Image Template_final

    So you did the research, you picked the styles and you’ve received your wholesale jewelry. Now it’s time to set your price! We are excited to help you answer the question “How should I price my jewelry?” or “What markup do you recommend?”

    Before we can dive into the best way to price your wholesale fashion jewelry, here are a few important terms you may need to know:

    Wholesale Cost / Landed Cost: The cost of each product. To find your landed cost, include the wholesale cost, cost of shipping and any other costs associated with special packaging etc.

    Gross Profit: The total revenue generated by the sale less the cost of the goods sold.

    Mark Up: The amount which the cost of the product is increased to reach the selling price. (Example: The sale price of an item is $12.00 and the cost is $4. The mark up on this product is $8.00. Markup can also be written as a percentage by dividing the gross profit by the cost.)

    Margin: The total sale minus the cost of goods. Margin can be show as a dollar amount or a percentage. (Example: A product is sold for $20 with an $8 cost; the margin is $12 or 60 %.)

    Our wholesale fashion jewelry collection is created with the idea to sell “fun, trendy jewelry at affordable prices”. We have found when retailers pay forward this idea to their customers; they have the most success with our wholesale fashion jewelry collection. Our recommended pricing structure multiplies the wholesale landed cost of the jewelry x 2.5. (Example, a $3 pair of wholesale earrings would be sold for $7.50 retail. In this case, the 2.5x offers a $3.50 mark up or 60% margin.) Just because this is what we recommend, it doesn’t mean this is the only way!

    Below are more ways to price your wholesale fashion jewelry from Rain Jewelry Collection:

    Manufacturers Suggest Retail Price (MSRP): The price suggested by the manufacturer at the time that the product is sold to the retailer. Our MSRP is 2.5X the wholesale cost.

    Keystone: The most popular retail pricing strategy which simply doubles the wholesale cost of the product.

    Mark Up Desired: The most logical and mathematical of pricing strategies is to create a formula for your retail pricing. Follow these simply steps to create your pricing formula.

    1. Identify your wholesale cost
    2. Identify your desired margin or mark up
    3. Subtract your margin percentage from 100
    4. Divide your cost by your margin
    5. Multiply the result by 100 to find your retail price

    EXAMPLE: Wholesale cost is $4 and desired margin is 60%.

    100-60=40 --> $4/40=$.1 --> $.10 x 100 --> $10.00 Result: The retail price is $10.00

    Perceived Value: Maybe you’re not the mathematical type or you feel like you know your customer or market well enough to set the price. Take a look at your competition, other product lines and set the price using perceived value. Perceived value pricing can be simply defined by the price your customer is willing to pay.

    Price Averaging: Defining the price of a product using the average segment cost to determine where a product falls within a pricing tier. For example, all necklace sets with the average price of $9-$11, will be $24.99. Necklace Sets with an average of $12-$14 will be $32.99. This pricing structure can be used across all categories within your store or for specific lines and categories such as Rain Jewelry Collection or fashion jewelry.

    Psychological Pricing: A pricing strategy that capitalizes on the theory that retail consumers are psychologically effected by price endings such as .99 or odd numbers. You may want started with a formula such as keystone and the round up to the next .99.

    If you’re new to retailing or you’re a seasoned veteran, sometimes pricing can be overwhelming. Keep in mind that consistency is the best practice. Using formula driven pricing strategy can take the guess work out of pricing and allow you to delegate tasks to employees who can utilize your formula. If you choose an intuition based pricing strategy such as perceived value, make sure that you are keeping a record of your prices and being consistent when pricing reorders. Just remember, as long as your customer loves the product and the price is right, they are going to buy!

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